About Us


Hello and Welcome to my website. 

My name is Naomi and I am the face behind Allcoats Creations. I design, make and pack all your lovely orders. 

I started Allcoats Creations back in 2016 as a hobby. I love anything and everything craft related and so I used to sit at my kitchen table, get creative and begin to make things. In 2019 I graduated with a Theology degree from Belfast Bible College and honestly I didn't really know what I was going to do after. Allcoats Creations was always a little extra on the side but that summer and then going into lockdown I found myself getting busier and busier with orders, I was then able to make it into something more, and become self employed.  In January 2021 I opened this website, and here we are. I am so blessed that this is what I get to do. 

Allcoats Creations by no surprise comes from my name Naomi Allcoat and the 'creations'part comes from the idea of creating something out of nothing. Whether that being a blank piece of paper with nothing on it or a piece of string, I am able to create something beautiful to look at. 

Here at Allcoats Creations, we sell a variety of creations, from greeting cards to prints, from macrame pieces to notebooks. Everything you see is either handwritten and painted or I have produced it with my iPad and apple Pencil (still handwritten and painted, just digitally). I think and believe that is what makes this little business unique. There is something special giving and receiving a gift knowing time has been taken to produce it. 

My purpose and prayer is and has always been to encourage others. It is something that is strongly needed in our society today. I picture my work being placed in your living room as a daily, simple reminder that helps and encourages you through the season you are going through. 

Thank you for stopping by. If there is anything I can help with or if you have any questions about my products be do not hesitate to get in contact. 

Naomi x